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Career Advice - Competence

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                        "I'll take competence over niceness any day." - B Bradford Expositor I agree however, competence + niceness is where personal success lives.

                         legs of leadership: character, competence & communication. It’s hard to stand on a 2-legged stool and many fall due to lack of the 1st.

                         The key to effective management is in having the ability to change your approach to match the competence of the individual you are managing.

                         2b successful you need to be a continuous learner & constantly work on your own competence.

                         #Wisdom? Self-determination is a worthy state however reality dictates it needs to be harnessed to competence & co-operation. - Ric Townsend

                         Uncovering best hires. Competence of course, right ATTITUDE essential. < Interview ?s 2 reveal attitude #orglearn

                         #Wisdom Political power (form) will get you ahead, however competence (substance) will sustain you! Give me substance any day. Ric #orglearn

                         #TRUST element #Competence Know your role, be effective, hone your skills , solve problems, be a continuous learner & behave appropriately.

                         Leading Through Competence * Great article!

                         OCC (#Orange #County #Choppers) and #leadership (in)#competence? Lessons for the rest of us?

                         Leadership Competence linking to a Leadership Brand, so which r important & who decides? 2 value vids

                         People Management: three more #personal #people #competencies needed (part 5) #competence a #success must

                         COMPETENCE DEVELOPMENT: Effective People Oriented Management, Desirable Personal Qualities Part 3

                         MANAGEMENT, abt: CONTROLLING, don’t leave dept, check what they’re up to, define competence rqrmnts & ‘title & position authority’ whereas.

                         "Five Ways Managers Breed Incompetence" Great article for tough times Ric-orglearn


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