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Sample Resumes and Examples


On orglearn's sample resume pages, you will find phrases that you can combine to create your own sample resumes for different needs. The site provides information on how to write job resumes to match different employer requirements, resume templates and resume statement examples for your skills and competencies. This approach has been take as a one off sample resume can be too restrictive and because resumes and cover letters need to be tailored to each employers specific requirements. There are also some sample phrases that can of creating a section on the scope of the positions you have held in the past.

Resume writing is a critical and perhaps stressful task that many find difficult and confusing. So if you are confused about resuming writing, hopefully these few resume pages will help. If you don't know what to write in a resume start by reading the job ad and building statements that explain why you have what the advertiser wants.

I guess it would be best if you took a quick look at the main resume template and samples at orglearn resume samples first. As another resume advice site puts it "writing a great resume does not necessarily mean you should follow the rules you hear from others". Although the resume page I have referred to has a particular resume format it is best to remember each resume is (as the other site puts it), "a one-of-a-kind marketing communication" that should reflect what you have to offer that matches the employers needs. It should not however as the other site suggests just "be appropriate to your situation and do exactly what you want it to do". Lets be honest here... employers at the time of receiving your resume and hopefully interviewing you are interested in themselves not your career aspirations.

If you are a student and need to build a resume you will have some lack of experience issues with your resume. The resume sample referred to above can still be used as many of the activities you have engaged in can provide the skill and scope statements you need.

From another site the statement "highlight your achievements like your projects, extracurricular activities, summer jobs and any other part time experience" and add sample statements that demonstrate "your soft skills that are required in all professional jobs". Soft skill that employers are particularly interested in include. the ability to manage budgets, meet deadlines, reduce costs and of course get on and work with others. Any examples you can give of writing proposals, public speaking and problem solving are always winners.

Introduction sample from a real resume that got the job, brief and focused:

"An Information Technology professional with a broad experience in Systems Architecture, Database Design, Networking Technology, Business Process Re-engineering and IS Management. An active and ongoing learner with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering and is currently undertaking studies with Microsoft (Professional Engineer Certification) and Novell (Enterprise Certification). He has also recently completed a course in Business Process Re-engineering methodology and practice.

Working life choices to date have meant projects taken on a contract basis which has afforded a wide variety of positions and experiences in an number of countries including Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand. Major companies operating in such diverse fields as Manufacturing, Distribution, Logistics, Retailing and the Hotel Industry, have sought his expertise.

Various positions held include Networking Engineer, Technical Support Manager, IS Manager, External consultant, Project Manager and Director of Information Technology."

Skills and Competency examples from the same resume:

Ability to develop, implement and maintain operating standards in a variety of scenarios, as demonstrated in his role as key consultant in the reorganisation of the IT function and total company structure for the X.Y.Z. Group of Australia. Revamping of standards at (STAIRWAYS) Hilton and Eastern Hotels to meet or exceed ISO.

A sound communicator able to impart knowledge and support to users at all levels of experience. In his most recent role with (STAIRWAYS) Hilton and Eastern Hotels, he has been responsible for the efficient operation of the Hilton and Eastern Hotels Year 2000 help desk and the imparting of information to Information Systems Staff in Mainland and the Asia Pacific.

Thorough understanding of Systems Architecture, Data modeling and Fourth Generation Languages. Max has created specifications and worked with Progress 4GL, Oracle and On Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) software.

Sound fiscal and budget oriented strategist with an ability to define and implement profitable strategies. This can be demonstrated with the results of earlier employment where efficiency increased and spending decreased (without exception).

Ability to “read between the lines” and find creative and realistic outcomes. Can easily visualize the “big picture”.

Responsibility taker and problem solver. Exemplified by a crisis situation at Big Group due to misaligned goals toward data flow ramifications rather than cash flow, implemented swift and unequivocal direction change.

Certificates of appreciation attest to outstanding leadership qualities one particularly as the project was conducted under severe stress during a hurricane crisis. Able to keep calm under pressure and react rationally to situational problems can be further attested to by previous employers.

Sound working knowledge of a broad range of networking and operating systems with hands-on experience in Novell, Windows NT, MS/Lotus/Corel Office Suites, Lotus Notes and a wide range of Internet related server & client software.

On two occasions been given projects, which had ‘slipped’ and completed the projects on or before time. One of these projects, in Island Oz resort, was finished on time in spite of a hurricane disrupting work for a period of one week.

Good negotiating skills, proven by saving of at least fifty percent on purchase of back office systems this year and considerable savings on hardware purchases on earlier engagements as can be confirmed by financial controllers of both Island and Mainland Group.

Position held and promotions testify to a manager who is able to lead, plan, delegate and review activities of supporting peers and subordinates by matching people’s strong points with the work at hand.

Scope of positions held sample again from a real resume:

September 2008 – Current    

Island Hotels & Resorts

Somewhere, Thailand.

Project Leader – Information Technology & Communications

Reorganized the complete networking structure within the establishment. Increased throughput, reliability and efficiency and reduced cost of support.

Planned a change for Information Systems Office area with ergonomic and user-friendly furniture and equipment organisation.

Provided detailed analysis and reports for all South East Asian hotels on updating critical software that was costing more to maintain than the actual cost of acquisition.

Introduced the concept of Enterprise wide resource planning and created micro examples of such within the organisation. At present, this concept is at the initialization stage and will be adopted by all right sized establishments by the year 2000.

In charge of all IS Managers (one for each property) and support staff, adviser for technical and budgetary material for each entity.

Point of Liaison between Mainland and software companies with and responsible for Year 2000 compliance for all Thailand properties.

In the process of multi-complexing of information systems between all Hilton and Eastern hotels in Someplace, thus creating savings via reduced (and later eliminating) redundancies.

I hope you find the sample resume and resume essentials brevity, clarity, accuracy, specific job focus, correct grammar & spelling, concrete examples, devoid of the words "I, "me" or "my" and geared to sell your personal brand.

I hope you find the sample resume pages, suggestions and examples helpful and may you have great success in your job hunting. Remember it not just a great resume you need it also research and persistence.

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