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orglearn - Management Thought for the Week Blog has now become broader in its scope and is more focussed on general " career success " topics and it can be found at:


career success and management advice, tips and articles

Topics include: What managers need to do and the issues to consider in the soft skills area of their role. Articles include those on behavior, motivation, selling, competence, teamwork, EQi & leadership. The constant 'struggle' between the need for management as opposed to leadership is a fascinating topic and one which orglearn is dedicated to. Of course "organisational learning" from the overall organisation's point of view is also an important focus of this site. Remember to visit blank resume/CV form can be used as a valuable self-analysis tool to evaluate the commercial realities of what you have to offer employers. Doing you resume once a year is a good way to check your career progress. You may also like to follow orglearn on Twitter and a sample of the career topics and advice covered can be found below in the sidebar and throughout the orglearn website.



Both Twitter  "@rictownsend" and the "career success blog" are updated regularly so I hope you come back often!


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