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Please the first thing you must know is that you should never send your resume to an organization without a cover letter. ***Cover letter (or resume form) must do no. 2 is under no circumstance "send your resume out without a cover letter". Yes I'm being repetitive however it is very important. I know when I was early in my working life after spending hours writing my resume the cover letter was an annoyance... however a great cover letter is as important as a great resume!

Cover letters must highlight (or sell the idea); that the hiring officer/manager will really be missing some thing if he/she doesn't take a look at your resume... remember it is the first picture they will have of you and what you have to offer. As I've said elsewhere on the resume form in the cover letter notes.

Cover letters must be concise, enticing as a really good a "movie trailer", be flawlessly written (have them critiqued and proofread) and the must be targeted to the specific employer.

On the resume form on this site you will find further information on cover letters outlining why your cover letter must:

1. Explain the reason you are sending your resume

2. Point out how you learned about the position/the organization

3. Highlight specific competencies you have in relation to the company

4. List or point out major achievements in your past work life

5. Demonstrate that you have a positive attitude and...

6. If you are responding to an ad offer all the facts or items asked for

Point: Half a page is enough don't let it become mini resume

Lastly the cover letter should advise (politely) that you will follow-up.

Final final cover letter - resume RULE... don't send your resume out without a COVER LETTER oh no... I said it again.

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Lots of luck with your cover letter and job hunting and don't forget to try the free blank resume form on this site!

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