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Questions you should ask yourself if you want to keep your job!

Do you by nature look for potential or accept the current "truth" as and insurmountable reality?

Do you always expect the best from yourself or are you just doing enough to stay out of trouble?

Do you have (and display) a positive addiction to excellence and a desperate curiosity about your potential?

Do you buy in to the philosophy that your part in the process of exceeding customer expectations is the only reason you should stay employed?

Do you believe your performance regardless of your position in the company affects your organization's performance?

Do you see yourself as a cost center or a value adding profit center to your company?

Do you consciously know what you have to achieve in your job role to add value to your company?

Do you by nature regularly put forth extra effort to ensure outcomes are achieved or do you just do you best with inputs delegated?

Do you fully understand how your performance impacts on other areas of your company and the end end users, the customers?

Can you live with the concept that everyone in the organization has a customer, either internal or external? External customers are the traditional customers who pay for your goods and services. Internal customers are the employees in your company whom you serve.

Do you see the recipients of your work output as internal customers or just fixers of your energy sucking mistakes?

Do you make sure your work is checked for accuracy and relevance to its purpose before passing it on the the recipient?

Does your behavior have a value adding positive impact on your company's performance and how you treat customers?

If asked "how do you personally add value?" could you give a logical truthful and accurate answer based on measurable results?

Can you understand the concept that when you contact a customer to explain a difficulty (with say delivery) they will see it as service however when they call you it's a complaint?

Are you willing to be constantly contactable by your colleagues and your customers or would you prefer to say "can you send me an email on that" or do you hide behind an answering machine?

Have you ever come up with an energy sucking report request just to justify your position or prove your worth to the organization?

Have you ever though to ask yourself the question "What am I personally doing today to add value to our efforts?"

Do you actually know who your internal customers are and if so have you ever asked them what they think of your service?

Do you understand that there are two corollaries that follow your internal customer relationship? First, you can serve your external customers only to the degree to which you serve your internal customers. Second, everything you do to serve internal customers has an effect on your external customers.

Do you believe that customer satisfaction mirrors employee satisfaction, customer loyalty parallels employee loyalty and loyalty is a leading predictor of your company's profitability?

Did you know that organizations that asses value adding versus energy sucking activities pride themselves on teamwork?

Do you react or participate well in teams or would you rather be left alone to get on with your 'work'?

Do you see serving customers as a privilege or just a painful interruption to the process of you meeting you work goals and carrying out your delegated 'duties"?

Do you agree with the statement that the sales department is not thee whole company however the whole company had better be the sales department?

Do you take a proactive approach to problems solving and improving or suggesting improvements to your work units service.

Do you believe it is a worthwhile goal to ensure you never have to say you're sorry to the customer.

Can you define your role in terms of value to the customer?

Do you understand that customers are not loyal to your brand and that they only "prefer brands but reserve loyalty for people" and that this loyalty results from their experience in dealing the staff of your organization at all levels?

Can you you live with constant "what ifs"? examples: "What if we could do it this way?-What if we could design a better way for the customer to do things?-What if we could make it easier for the customer to do business with our company?"

Can you cope with (or even thrive in) a situation where you and all around you are constantly challenging the status quo?

Do you ask... "does this policy, procedure, or process add value to our efforts or does it just add cost?"


So are you a value adder or just another expendable energy sucker?

Copyright Orglearn - Richard Townsend 2009