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Twelve Tips on How to Get a Promotion

The 12 tips on how to get a promotion are:

Make sure the job you desire is not too far above your capacity or reasonable learning opportunities.

Share credit for your successes however advertise your wins and what you have been doing in your day to day work.

Take pride your work and do it with genuine enthusiasm and let others see your commitment level.

See challenging tasks and assignments as opportunities and a chance to show your competence and talent.

Do more than the bare minimum, volunteer for new experiences and projects.

Seek chances to do work normally allocated to the level above you even if its only doing say draft proposals or filling in the numbers for a trial balance.

Network network network... and with the "right people".

From rictownsend tweets:

"Want a promotion? Ask your boss, 'What additional skills do I need to get that job?' When you have the skills flaunt them!"

"Want a promotion? Make sure you have trained your successor or you will be stuck in the, 'I can't afford to lose you' trap."

"Want a promotion? Ask for it, so many just don't & sit silently in hope! Old saying: 'Be careful what you ask for you might just get it'."

Remember as experience tells me (and should indicate to you) that getting promoted, or not, is 90% up to you. The credit or blame for your level of career success yours alone.

Finally if all else fails: research and move to another organization where you will have opportunities to advance. Perhaps this Resume Example | Resume Form | Resume Format will help you with this point.

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