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More resume writing tips for the "blank resume form" users!

After reading these tips you may like to go to the free blank resume form and practice your resume writing skills!

Don’t bring up the negatives of your past working experience!

We all have ‘bad’ situations, colleagues or bosses in our careers. Best leave these out of your resume. If you do get an interview it is likely you will be asked… “what was the worst thing about your last job”? Don’t be tempted to bag your past employers or bosses. The best solution is to say something like “as with all jobs it had its ups and downs however my experience with Xyz Company was 99% positive from both a work quality and personal development point of view”.

Avoid mentioning anything about politics, religion and personal interests or groups.

Some people are Rotarians, Masons, political activists, ‘greenies’ or Sunday school teachers… none of these issues have a place in your resume. I have even seen statements such as “mother of three children”… big deal… this is not the employers concern, what you do with your private life and the choices you make are up to you. The employer is interested in what he or she needs to get done and all the above issues may be seen as negatives.

Don’t embellish on your reality.

If you have only had part-time jobs so be it. If you are still studying mention that and add an estimated completion date. If you have been given leadership roles in sporting teams, debating teams or even your schools chess club just a brief mention will do. One way to at least partly compensate for little or know work experience is to invest in personality, psychological, emotional intelligence or work styles/team roles testing. You then need to get the tester to comment positively on your attributes.

Don’t apply above your resume’s value.

If you (and your resume) can’t clearly demonstrate that you have the capacity to fulfil the job requirements being sought don’t waste your time sending your resume and hoping for a miracle. Apply for jobs that you know you can handler that are likely to lead to more stretching positions or responsibilities in the future. The picture you paint with your resume must match the image in the employer’s mind and the level of salary and responsibility that is being offered.

Make sure your resume contains plenty of action verbs.

Examples include: worked, lead, managed, coached, planned, controlled, researched, collected, taught, delivered, supervised and sold.

Keep your resume current

As I mention on the “free blank resume form” page of my website doing your resume at least once a year will give you a great idea regarding how you a placed in relation to what either your current employer wants or what potential employers are seeking. Remember though, this generic resume must be updated and personalized or matched to the advertisements key words and requirements before being submitted to individual employers. For example if your particular industry is using a new technology you must attend a course or find a way to keep up with the changes as they occur, even secretaries know that typewriter are outdated and being competent in word processing programs is essential (to quote and old example).

Remember your resume’s main focus is to convince the potential employer:

1: Hiring you will solve one or more of his or hers problems!
2: Your competencies match the jobs specifications in the employer’s ad.
3: Your character and work ethics are of the highest standard.
4: Your capacity to learn and adapt is above that of other job seekers.
5: You have a sound understanding of your potential employers industry
6: You have researched and have a good understanding of the company’s place in its industry and it’s vision, mission and values.
7: That you are concise and to the point. The shorter your resume is the better (obviously providing that all the job specific information that has been advertised for is covered).
8: That you are an orderly well organised person by making sure you have a clean uncluttered and flowing resume set out. I once worked in advertising and white or blank spaces definitely add clarity, don’t clutter in an attempt to cram more in.

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