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There are a number of free sample resume template and example sites on the web. Many including orglearn offer sample resume examples that are free for personal use. The difficulty I have with a number them is not what is in the sample resumes rather with the set-out or format they use.

Here is a typical resume layout (merged from a number of samples - examples)

Sample Resume Template

"Contact Information : Name, Address, Telephone numbers, Email

Objective : The objective should make a concise statement in your resume that tells the reader about your career goals and/or expresses your interest in a specific job or vacancy.

Summary of Qualifications
: This section should consist of a minimum of three, and preferably not more than ten 'bullet points', each describing an accomplishment in terms of results.

Education : In a reverse chronological order, required information should include:
Degree(s) and major Date of graduation Universities attended etc

Skills : Mention all your professionally related skills which make your resume outstanding.
Experience : List the most recent experience at the top. Emphasize your accounting related accomplishments and contributions.

Activities : List of your extra-curricular activities.

Use Keywords : Extensively keywords related to your disciplines and use action verbs.
Examples include: accelerate approve delegate establish implement plan reorganize supervise train write

: Certifications, security clearances, special awards, citizenship etc."

Now the format I have presented atsample resume if you care to take a look suggests that you should start with an introduction statement the describes succinctly who you are. Also I don't agree with putting all your contact details up front they can be left on the back page and can be included in your cover letter. If you look a the format the second and third sections cover "skills/competencies" and "scope of positions held" both things employers are exremely interested in.

The second major difficulty I have with the above sample resume template is it has a career Objective statement. I and many other writers on this topic agree that employers want their problems solved and don't really care about your career objective and won't until you have added considerable value to their organization. Best leave it out.
I still think the sample resume template (follow the link) is a better way to go. The other thing you must remember a sample resume is just that a sample and you need a resume that is personal and sells you as an individual of value that can solve an employers problems.

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