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Excellent Customer Service is a Philosophy not just a Technique

To be Excellent at Anything Requires Total Company Agreement and Commitment

A strong customer focus at all organization levels is basic to success in providing excellent customer service. Customer focus by all employees is essential to prevent ‘cock-ups’ at the external customer service level.
Customer focus for non sales staff means…
Everyone is serving the ultimate customer by doing his or her job in such a way that it makes the job of the next person in line as easy as possible.

Who are our customers?

Anyone for whom we do anything is our customer.
Internal, external and ultimate customer…
We all know our internal customers – or do we?
Big organizations often have ultimate customers (the guys at the sales/buyer interface), as well as external customers.
Does our company/department/staff take customer requirements very seriously? If we are to be truly customer focussed… no one is just doing a job, we are all satisfying customers.

Do we look at what we do from the customer’s point of view?

How long has it been since we surveyed our customers; got feedback on how we are doing. (“Face-to-face” is best.)
How much effort is really taken to make our customers feel important and respected?
The latest wisdom suggests that partnering is the way to the future…
Do we show concern for our customer’s business requirements, communicate effectively our needs and demonstrate an understanding for theirs. Is there a follow-up system in place or do we just wait for complaints.

Richard Townsend,
Corporate Learning Consultant

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