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Better Meetings Quick Checklist

Roles: Chairperson / Minute Taker / Time-keeper / Gate Keeper / Topic Sponsor / Technical Expert / Treasurer / Participant

Characteristics: as described by Douglas McGregor.
An atmosphere without tension or boredom
The discussion involves all members
The discussion is relevant to the task
Members understand team/meeting goals
Members are committed to the team goals
Disagreements are aired without ill feeling from members
Consensus is sought on all decisions
Criticism is constructive and freely given
Feelings are expressed as well as ideas
Clear assignments are made and agreed
Leader/chairperson does not dominate
There is no undue deference to the leader

Important point: If nine people are meeting and one person is fifteen minutes late, two 'man' hours of productive time is lost.

Richard Townsend, 
Corporate Learning Consultant

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